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CELT, ALDinHE and ALT already have many resources for staff to use. Here is a quick guide to some that may be immediately useful to you.

The Study Hub: 
Learning Development site – has tips and tricks on successful study practices that students can use by themselves – and to which staff can direct their students. Includes advice on notemaking, reading, group work, presentations, positive thinking and writing – (includes  downloadable packs on Presentations, Report and Essay writing).
Includes our #studychat FaceBook site – encourage your students to *like* #studychat and they will have access to our study journal – with timely study tips matched to the assessment cycle.

NOTE: There are other resources for Staff on this Study Hub (Take 5): - including a Staff Guide to Academic Literacies.

Clued Up: - Digital Skills for the 21st Century Student
This site has been created by London Met for both staff and students. The aim of this site is to help you think about how our digitally-saturated environment affects the way we study and learn and the way we represent ourselves to others through social media and online. The objective is to make you think and reflect on how you currently use these tools and how you could use them better in the future. Get clued up and join the ‘digital literati’!

Heroes and Villains:
This is an Academic Honesty and Integrity website created by London Met for students exploring academic good practices which are essential to mastering their studies at University. Please use this site with your students and help them integrate the information into their studies.

*All* CELT Guides to Learning, Teaching and Assessment – including blended learning:

Individual CELT Guides:
Staff Guide to Embedding Academic Literacies and Learning Development: 
Staff Guide to Academic Literacies and Embedding Learning Development-1.doc

Our Visual Practices Conference - Look-Make-Learn:

Teaching for student engagement:

Quick Guide to Blended Learning:

Quick Guide to Embedding Information Literacies:

Quick Guide to Compiling Module Resources Lists:

Guide to Giving Feedback:

Guide to Blended Learning Tools in Large Groups:

And for those interested in taking the eLearning practice further:

Further resources:
From our Association for Learning Development in Higher Education ( – of which we are founder members and institutional members:

The reflective practitioner: