Study Wise

What is Study Wise (FSSH)

Study Wise is a project developed and run by the Centre for Access, International Programmes and Academic Support (CAIPAS) in the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities at London Met.

The aim of the project is to support students in the Faculty to develop their academic language and voice. We approach this in two ways. First of all, we work closely with Course Leaders in different subject areas across the faculty to embed academic skills development into their 4th hour provision. Secondly, we offer daily one-to-one, drop-in support for all students in the faculty between 12 - 2 every day.


This website aims to showcase the work we do in the Faculty whilst at the same time providing an online space for academic language and skills resources for students. By making the resource open to both staff and students, we hope to raise the profile of the project and ensure that the good work we have started is able to continue in the future.

What we do


Feedback for Study Wise

If you are a student looking for academic language and skills resources, visit ‘Students’. The staff section has examples of Study Wise support in the three schools in the Faculty. It provides information and advice about how you might be able to benefit from embedded support in your subject area. The PASS Scheme section has more about the student success coaches and what we are doing to integrate the scheme with our own support activities and resources.