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“CELT works with academic staff to enhance student Learning and Writing Development in a range of ways. Catch up with our monthly newsletter – and if you are interested in enhancing learning and writing development within your modules or across the curriculum, or collaborative Learning and Writing development activities and resources alongside discussion of how materials can be customised to ensure maximum subject-relevance contact CELT directly for a consultation..”

Learning and Teaching with Technology - Access this Blog and find out what other academics are using.
This list of online technology (mostly FREE) is not extensive and is being constantly updated. Many of these resources can be of huge benefit to your Learning and Teaching practice and development.
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An Learning Development blog by Sandra Sinfield:

Check out presentations on Slideshare (44)

Enhancing Learning Development in the curriculum

What discipline staff need to know about the Study Hub and what it will do for their students:

Why don’t you explore the Hub and see what you can use and build into your own teaching and learning?

The Study Hub has been designed with all our students in mind – it contains information on how to study and succeed at University – including advice, vidcasts and plenty of activities to do and reflect upon to help students take control of their own learning.

Re-useable resources
We have produced customisable and downloadable study packs on presentations, reports and essays – for students to access themselves – and that you can use with your students.

Embedding Learning Development –
and Academic and Digital Literacies

More recently, we have developed our AniMet Challenge so that we can work with you on creative ways of embedding active learning development within your module.
AniMet challenge

Staff Guide to Academic Literacies (have a look at this pdf)

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