1. How can CELT help me with my work?
CELT works in conjunction with the academic faculties, supporting them in providing study support for their students. Take a look at the workshops and drop in sessions your faculty are running here (see Courses etc above)

CELT also run a number of their own workshops and drop-in sessions in study and academic skills, maths and stats. This is available to all students in the university.

For all courses, you do not need to book you just turn up (unless otherwise stated)

In addition we have online resources that students can use on the main page of the StudyHub:


2. How do I know who my subject librarian is?
Or where I can find any subject guides?

View the video on the right - Taneisha talking about her subject librarian and how essential it is to make this contact as soon as you can.
Access the link below to view all subject librarians and links to other sources of information. Your library is the key to good studying at university... enjoy!

Library image


3. Is there any help for me if I have any financial issues?
Of course, as a start you can work your way through this multimedia package, it's full of important information, games and quiz's. When you have completed this resource we hope you will be aware of the financial priorities/challenges faced by students and feel confident that you can manage your own financial affairs.

Student debt project



For more personal issues you can contact our Student services information site, click on the link below:

Student services link


4. What kinds of workshops do you run?
We run a wide range of workshops in popular study skills areas, such as essay and report writing, dissertations, note making and presentations.

Workshops last around 1-2 hours and take place at different times throughout the term. Take a look at the CELT Study Hub website to see our current offering

What help can I expect from a drop-in session?
You can expect to be seen by a tutor for 15-30 minutes, depending on the number of students waiting. The tutor will go through your work with you and any issues that you have.

What we will do What we won’t  do
Go through your work with you Proof Read
Provide tips and advice for improvement Check English and grammar
Do drop-n sessions for small groups Provide help in the subject area


5. I would like to make an appointment with a teacher to help me with my work.
Unfortunately, we do not run an appointment based system.  Instead we offer drop-in sessions which take place at allocated time slots, at North /City campus and on certain days of the week. Students can drop in during the times listed on our website and get one-to-one help from a tutor or peer mentor.

6. How do I book a drop-in session?
Drop-in sessions run on a first come, first served basis and are not bookable. You just need to turn up! You can find details of when the drop-in sessions run on the website. You will have the option of attending drop-in sessions run by CELT for all students, or those offered by your faculty.

7. I can’t make it to a drop-in session and I need help with my essay, can I email it to a CELT study teacher?
No, we’re here to help you with your work but we won’t do it for you! You need to be present so that we can give you tips and advice on how to make your work better. Come to one of our drop-in sessions if you require one-to-one help.

8. I have coursework to hand in soon and would like someone to proof-read my work.
We do not offer a proof reading service.

9. I would like to see a study skills teacher to help me with my English and Grammar.
Unfortunately, we do not help students with English and grammar. The service we provide is in study and academic skills. This means we can help you with structuring your essay and report, referencing, developing your argument, presentation skills and much more.
For help with English and grammar, essay writing etc...

10. Do you provide help with basic IT?
CELT does not provide help with basic IT, but below are some useful links that can help you with those basic IT problems

11. Do you provide support for people with dyslexia?
We do not provide specific support for people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. For more tailored support, you should contact Student Services, they run one-to-one session specifically for students who are dyslexic.
More information can be found here:

12. All the drop-in session and workshops are finished and I need help with my work, what should I do?
The drop in sessions run throughout the term time and around re-sit time. If you need help when drop-ins are not running, take a look at the online resources we have:

13. Can you put me on your mailing list?
Yes - you should also put your name on the CELT study mailing list, so that you are kept up-to date with the workshops and drop in sessions we are running, new workshop offerings and when they end. To join the mailing list, send an email to, with the words ‘Mailing List’ in the subject line, and in the body of the email, your name, ID number and current mobile phone number and working email address (the email you actually use and check regularly). 

14. Still worried or having issues, ask someone!
Share your issues with the CELT team and other students, you are not on your own! Check out the Facebbok chat area on the main page: