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Welcome to our Heroes & Villains website – we are really happy you have come to visit us!

This project began with a quick request to Rob to design a poster believe it or not – and just look what it evolved into!

We are very proud to present this website that focuses on Academic Integrity that is easy to read and understand, that is full of colour, that is full of information and full of fun ways to enhance your academic ability.

So who precisely are we? Well, we are one part CELT, two parts Students' Union and one part ISS.


Thandi Lazarus Hi, pleased to meet you. This is a bit awkward, I’m writing my own bio and blurb. Who’s idea was that? Okay – I’ll get on with it.
I am Thandi and used to work for the Students' Union as a Student Casework Advisor based at North and you could say that along with Amrit we were the seed that sprouted this helpful and collaborative project. If we hadn't asked Rob to help design a poster – well, none of this would be here. I've worked at LMU for four years and seen just how little is known about Academic Integrity and how little this area of importance is brought to the attention of students.
Amrit Amrit the awesome Student Voice Coordinator (Academic Advice and Representation), is well experienced in advising students, she is also extremely good at laughing at my jokes. Having worked at LMU now for five years, always organising and serving students, Amrit has contributed to the content, creative ideas and level of cool that our site exudes. Without Amrit this project would only be half-ready, half as funky and half as good.
Robert Robert is our artiste in residence – is the man behind all of the fantastic Heroes and Villains images, he has written the majority of the content and is bursting with passion for better learning and application within academic communities. Rob has been working for LMU for ten years helping to teach, helping students and staff understand Dyslexia and in his spare time he loves travelling.
Chris Chris is the brains and skill behind the website functionality, the way the site is presented and the expertise on what you want from a website. When we approached Chris all we had was an idea. Chris has turned it into a masterpiece! Along with Rob they have turned a small spark into a user-friendly, fully functional and attractive website that incorporates the techi-talent Chris is known for. With a passion for education and technology, when Chris is not at a conference, teaching, building websites or collaborating on projects for LMU, he can be found blogging http://chrisoreilly.weebly.com/blog

Our Aim is to impart wisdom, information, self-help activities, provide resources, link to other helpful sites, build up knowledge and best practise within the framework of University study. Most students will not have been introduced to the idea of an academic community and their role in this. Most students and staff will not discuss the theory and reasons behind particular academic practises. Most Universities do not operate a system of informing and including students in the process of becoming adept at writing, thinking, behaving and being, academic. Most Universities, tutors and handbooks present only the penalties imposed when academic misconduct is suspected but what if students don’t even know what Academic Misconduct means?

Based on a debate that is gaining momentum about the best way to imbue Higher Education institutions (staff and students alike) with a more positive and holistic approach to using academic thought, academic good practice and a balanced view of student and tutor as partners, we have developed Heroes&Villains.

By incorporating text, video, links, quizzes, chat, practise tests…….we aim to have given you a site that is easy for you to use whether you are very computer savvy or like me, just about know what a hyperlink is. Do ask your grandchildren to help if you need to.

Additionally we really hope to have also created a platform for you to be a part of – we want you to make yourself at home, settle in, use the site, take a break, return when you want and please – do write to us and let us know what you think. Tell us what works for you or what you would like to see on Heroes&Villains. Share your knowledge too – the more input from our diverse student body and staff compliment, the more we are able to improve Heroes&Villains for everyone.

For further information please email: heroes@londonmet.ac.uk

(If the link above does not activate your mail system, please cut and paste the email address directly in to it)

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