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Our Student Digital Ambassadors from last year!

Our student Digital Ambassadors were recruited form the student body on a semester basis.

Anita   My name is Anita and I am doing an undergraduate course called Computing and Business IT at London Metropolitan University. I am interested in Business IT and security also a member of BCS ISSG and YPISG group.
The reason I am so passionate about being a Digital Ambassador, because I feel sad when people and businesses are being hacked and destroyed by ruthless scammers out there in the world. There is only one solution for this problem, to make the next generation to be aware of what is currently happening.
Gloria   My name is Gloria. I’m attending an MA course in Product Design at London Metropolitan University.
As a young designer I have to manage my time as best I can spending several hours on my laptop.
Thanks to the Digital Ambassador Project I have the possibility to share with other students some useful tricks to simplify their studies, avoid undesired but common mistakes and create a professional online profile. Workshops could be an occasion to be clued up on the possibilities to enjoy our technologies during free time as well as during study.
  My name is Helen. I am currently a third year International Relations student at London Metropolitan. One of my passions about the Digital Ambassador project is particularly focused on online identity. In the digital age it is easy to forget that everyone has the ability to access everything about you and it can affect your whole life.
Since the Internet is so new, I feel it is very important for students to understand the importance of online safety and security to prevent them making mistakes that could cost them their employability and create unintended consequences.
The Internet is a great tool but we all need to learn to use it in the best possible way.
Linda   My name is Linda Fawzy. I am a postgraduate student (LLM International Family and Child Law), at London Metropolitan University. I am interested in being a part of the Digital Ambassador project because I believe that the Internet can give access to everything and really help you and give you power, but we have to learn how to control this power and how to set limits. This is how this project will help the new generation.
Marina   My name is Marina and I am currently a 2nd year Professional Doctorate student at London Metropolitan University.
One of my main areas of interest is the impact of digital technology on society. The increasing importance of digital technology allows individuals to access a great variety of resources anywhere and at any time, so people are empowered in ways that were never before imagined possible. That is one of the reasons why I am interested in this project: I strongly believe that students should be sufficiently equipped in order to manage this external empowerment and be able to use digital technology in a constructive way.

My name is Valeska I am a student in MSc Finance at London Metropolitan School.
The Digital Ambassador project gives me the opportunity to get deeper into technological sources that I can use daily in my studies, in my future jobs and social life as well. I personally believe that people need to know more about some of the tools that are available for free, and easy to find online. These tools generate extra value in our daily activities because many of them can help us to save time, to make new job connections, show our digital identity in a responsible and interesting way or simply prepare better assignments for our studies.


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