Module Attached Writers' Groups (MAWG)


  • To offer targeted academic writer support to students
  • To provide students with opportunities for obtaining and offering sustained feedback on their progress through a module/specific assignment
  • To transfer activities from one-to-one writer support to a group situation
  • To build student confidence and voice whilst encouraging ‘write to learn’ activities
  • To offer a supported situation to enable students to develop as independent learners
  • To address students’ social and academic enculturation via informal learning spaces.

Theoretical Underpinnings:
Academic Literacies et al: Writing/learning is dialogic, a social event etc.
Social Learning Theories: Learner development is holistic, requiring opportunities for mutual support.

Adjunct: To run alongside a designated module; the tutor will recommend that students attend.

The module tutor and the support tutor will agree which aspects of the students’ writing will be tackled via the development of resources and/or activities and/or other – delivered within the module teaching.

Writers’ Clubs:
Tutor will utilise Writers’ Group resources to support students attending Writers’ Clubs.

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