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Italian Beginner's 1

Pedagogical Design and Project Coordinator: Cécile Tschirhart
Technical Design and Development Coordinator: Chris O'Reilly
Development by Eveline Powell
Flash Advanced Action Script: Richard Haynes

Unit 12 - Written/adapted by Nathalie Ticheler

Annarita Felici, Gian Paolo Ansaloni, Caterina Varchetta, Domenico Rebuffo, Elena Passarello.

We would like to thank the following people for giving us permission to use their photographs: Steve Blunt, Ann Carlisle, Cécile Tschirhart, Chris O'Reilly.
Hoteles Servi Group:
Hotel Alhambra Palace:

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Online Dictionary

1. Spelling - 2. Grammar - 3. Grammar - 4. Grammar - 5. Listening - 6. Listening
7. Writing - 8. Game - 9. Writing - 10. Vocabulary - 11. Writing

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