In this first part listen to the alphabet as many times as
you want and get familiar with the sounds.

Click the 'Play' speaker button to hear the whole alphabet.
Click on the individual letters to hear them separately.

Please note that there are two ways to say the letter V (vi / vu).
You will also be aware that there are only 21 letters in the Italian Alphabet.

However to write 'Foreign' words the letters below are used, click on them to hear the sound, and take note again that there are two ways to say the letter Y (ipsilon / i greca).

Now listen to the spelling of eight Italian surnames.
Click on the letters that you hear, when you feel you have the correct answer submit your response.
If incorrect, press clear and try again, if you are stuck listen again to the alphabet or go on to the next question.

Online Dictionary

1. Spelling - 2. Grammar - 3. Grammar - 4. Grammar - 5. Listening - 6. Listening
7. Writing - 8. Game - 9. Writing - 10. Vocabulary - 11. Writing

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