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The Language resources below will be open access to all from the 1st of March 2016!!


French beginner's 1

French beginner's 2

French intermediate 1

German beginner's 1

Italian beginner's 1

Italian beginner's 2

Spanish beginner's 1

Spanish beginner's 2

Spanish intermediate 1

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Study Skills

Academic Study Skills e-packs

New interactive resources for students.
These include, 'Getting Started on your Research', 'Conducting your Research' and 'First Steps to Essay Writing'.

Please check out the link on the left.
These resources are FREE.


(International Foundation Programme)
This specialist Business Pathway has 36 activities especially designed to help with the business aspect of Academic English. Each activity is interactive and fun with in-depth information for essay Writing and specialist vocabulary.

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These resources are FREE.

Business students

Study Skills


French, German, Italian and Spanish, access the links on the left.
There is a subscription required to access these materials.
Many institutions already subscribe to these materails check out some of the logos below...

These Language resources will be open access to all from the 1st of March 2016!!


For those new to the benefits of innovative e-packs we have designed a Microsite enabling you to preview the diversity of exercises in French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Discover today how e-packs really encourage learning through fun, interactivity and pedagogically-sound exercises.

What are e-packs?

e-packs are online interactive self-study exercises designed to consolidate language taught at Adult, Further or Higher Education or as part of company-based courses.

How do e-packs work?

There are 11-12 topic-based units per level which take around 3 hours to complete. The 100+ exercises cover the main skills of vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and grammar through challenging activities.
All activities have been created using Adobe's Flash to achieve high quality interactive rich content.
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What are the main benefits of using e-packs?